5 Reasons why mock tests are essential before GATE?

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5 Reasons why mock tests are essential before GATE?

Reasons why mock tests are important before GATE



5 Reasons why mock tests are essential before GATE?

Mock Tests play a significant role when you are preparing for any competitive exam like GATE. Keeping it real, GATE is the exam where all your concepts which you’ve learned in 4 years of your engineering degree are tested within a time span of 3 hours. With millions of students appearing for GATE every year. It has a success rate of 21-28% which places it in the most toughest exams in India. The thing that makes it even more competitive is that PSUs take only 3-5% of the toppers of GATE. The negative marking in the GATE takes away a ton of marks from the students appearing for it. 69% of the students are not able to get admission at a good college because of the negative marking that decreased their score.

Now that you have sacrificed all the late night parties, celebrations, hangouts, trips, and Coachella just to put your all in the GATE. And now when it’s coming closer, you are forgetting what you’ve studied? Really?

The GATE exam is designed in such a way that it not only tests your problem-solving ability but also how quickly you are? Failing to score exceptionally good in the GATE will smash your confidence down and you’ll be landing to just ‘any other college’. Is this what you want?


Why mock tests?

● Unfamiliarity with the atmosphere

Ideally, you should be so much familiar with the exam atmosphere that you don’t feel nervous during the actual exam time. Many students are fearful of Gate exam because they are not used to the atmosphere and the setup of the final exam. In general, it is obvious for the student to be nervous at the beginning of the exam. So, taking ample amount of mock tests is a must so that you can get used to the environment of a final exam. You also learn to play with those 180 minutes to get the most out of it. You become familiar and your fear of losing starts decreasing. This tells you whether you’ll be able to complete the real exam on time or not.

● Identify your strengths and weaknesses

The mock test helps you to identify your weaknesses. The mock tests given in the last month gives you a close idea of how you are going to perform in the real exam. Do you love solving maths problems a lot? Well, you’re not alone. But you have to balance the things. Mock tests can help you in deciding which subject needs more of your attention. This gives you a good chance to improve and score more in GATE.

● Predicting the result

Based on the mock tests conducted in the last months, it becomes more clear that how you are going to perform in the real exam. It gives you a close indication of the likely result that you may have in your GATE. This helps you to see for which colleges you will be eligible to apply after the declaration of GATE Result.

● Memorize smarter and Revise faster

The GATE syllabus. Isn’t it so huge? As you move on to learn the next chapters, you start forgetting the past ones. Psychology says that if you want to remember things for a longer period of time then you must space out the learning process. Mock tests help you to revise all of your vast syllabi in a strategically planned manner which improves your retention power.

● Getting online experience hands-on and impressions

A ton of students loses their marks in the final exam because they don’t know how to use online tools. Many of them waste their time on finding the functions in the virtual calculator during the real exam. This takes a few minutes and this leads to decrease your overall time. Some of the students appearing for GATE don’t know how to operate the system that is used in the actual exam. Online mock tests get you familiar with all these tools. So you won’t be wasting your time in figuring out where the inverse of this function is but you’ll be attempting 2-3 more questions from the saved time. This will surely improve your rank.




Just like before going to the war, you need to know how to pull the trigger. Similarly, before you get on to the full syllabus tests, do make sure that you’ve done enough of the topic wise and chapter wise tests. Before taking the topics wise tests read all the notes and books related to that topic and then take the topic wise test.

While choosing mock tests series for GATE 2019 you should go for a reputed coaching institution for GATE. Before choosing, do check some free samples of the mock tests series. You should also see how many students have already bought that test series so that when you take your mock test, you get the fair idea of where you stand amongst the competition.

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