How tough is the GATE Exam?

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How tough is the GATE Exam?

How difficult is the GATE Exam





How tough is the GATE Exam?


A ton of students think that GATE is one of the toughest exams in India but let me tell you honestly that it is one of the easiest exam. By easy, I mean that the level of questions that are asked in the exam is easy. A student studying sincerely and regularly will find this exam very easy to crack.

Though getting a PSU like ‘Maharatna or other top PSUs’ is slightly tough.

So what makes this exam so hard? They’re ‘silly mistakes’ that you do during the exam. I’ve seen many students take the Mock Tests/Online Test Series rank very seriously. They get depressed by a low rank and this messes up the whole game. Please recognize that your actual rank will only be decided on the day of the GATE exam result. Don’t let Online Test Series rank and anyone to ruin your confidence level because many times questions asked in the test series are difficult than the actual GATE exam for your practice.

Start your preparation at the beginning of the third year of your Engineering degree. This is ideally the best time to start GATE preparation. Look at the whole syllabus and go through some previous year papers and you’ll realize that it’s not that hard as you were thinking. Sometimes, it also seems hard because you’ve heard from most of your friends and family members that GATE exam is too hard. Don’t believe until you see it yourself. After getting an overview of the syllabus and some previous year papers you will realize that the questions that are asked in the GATE exam are easy as compared to your sessionals/semester exams. There are a ton of students who are able to crack the GATE exam without any coaching. Some of them don’t even buy the coaching notes. You can make your own notes from college classes. Remember, Youtube is your very good friend when it comes to GATE lectures. You can find NPTEL lectures and many other good channels which provide good knowledge on YouTube.

Let us take an example of what happens with most of the students on the day of the actual exam. You attempt the questions, finish your exam, come out thinking that the exam was damn easy. Suppose you’ve attempted for more than 90 marks. You feel confident that you’ll get above 80. But after you reach home and try to calculate the marks, you find that you’re getting around 70 only. You realize the silly mistakes that you did in the exam and you can’t believe it.

Just imagine how easy it becomes when you take GATE coaching. You get ready-made notes, modules etc. You get your personal mentors to assist you. All you have to do is study, study, and study. It’s becomes so easy because it’s all structured. Gate Gurus has helped so many students in the past to get top ranks in the GATE exam. You can be the next!

So as per my experience after talking to an AIR 255 (Self Study), GATE exam is easy, the only thing that you need to do is study sincerely in college and avoid making silly mistakes during the GATE exam. A good coaching institute can help you in learning how to avoid these silly mistakes and crack the GATE exam.



All the best for your GATE exam!

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