40 Days to Go for GATE 2019 - What should be your approach?

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With Just about 40-50 days left to the day when you will appear for GATE 2019, you got to pull your socks up. Here is what should your approach be, for the last 40 days to GATE 2019.

40 Days to go for GATE 2019- what should be your approach ?

GATE can be a career-defining and life-changing experience for a lot of students.


No doubt, students would have been doing their GATE preparation for months and years to crack the examination which opens the doors to all the top-rated engineering colleges in the country.


However, the last few days before the exam play the most important role in determining how good the exam will go for you, and they can be the difference between success and failure in most cases.


With Just about 40-50 days left to the day when you will appear for GATE 2019,


you got to pull your socks up and give it your best shot in the limited time that is left now.



GATEGURUS, which is one of the best GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh, brings to you a comprehensive to-do list for the last 40 days of GATE preparation, following which will definitely boost your preparation level as well as confidence.



Here is what should your approach be, for the last 40 days to GATE 2019:




40 days before the exam is definitely the best time to start off your revision. If you are still left with a few chapters or topics that are untouched, you must complete them as soon as you can, and start off your revision at least a month before GATE.


Here’s how you can revise the entire GATE syllabus in the best way possible, by segregating your strengths and weaknesses.  




Identify and list down the units, chapters or topics that you feel you are a week at, and give them a final push to the level where you are confident about them!

You will need to revisit the theory and applications of these areas once again, and couple wit with a few hours of practice to make them count.

But believe us, as you will strike these concepts off the list one after the other, it will give you an immense
amount of confidence.



These are the areas which you have practiced well, and you know you can do well in them.

All you need to do, at this point, is to practice them even more, with an attempt to
improve the accuracy.

It must be understood that it is these areas only that will eventually help you score a lot of marks while also saving a lot of time for you during the actual exam.



2. Practice/Tests



Practice is the key to cracking any competitive exam,  and GATE is no different as far as the importance of robust practice is concerned.



Practicing has multiple benefits - it helps you analyze your performance and see where you stand; it helps you focus more on key areas; it helps you get the timing right, and it also gives you a lot of confidence to face the exam on the D-day.


Here’s how to start practicing and testing yourself:

Chapter Tests


Students should take back to back chapter tests before the exam, which will help them go through all kinds of questions that may come up in the final exam.

Moreover, chapter tests will make you revisit all the concepts in the syllabus, and will keep the afresh in the memory.


Sectional Tests

Sectional tests go a long way in getting the time management right, which plays an important role in the examination.

Students should take sectional tests of the general aptitude section and the subject section to practice and ensure that they will be able to go through all the questions in the given time.


Mock Tests

Attempting few mock tests before the examination is highly recommended.

Mocks tests act as a good simulation of the actual test day. If you score well in the mock tests, it will give all the confidence to face the d-day.


However, if you do not score well, you must remember that mocks are just mocks, and the actual exam will definitely go better!


At GATEGURUS, we truly want all the students appearing for GATE this year to make the best out of the days that are left.


Students must use the online resources (plentiful gate online test series are available) to boost their preparation, and give their best shot to the examination, cracking it this year itself!

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