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Indeed, IES (Indian Engineering Services) preparation is a daunting task for any engineering student!






Indeed, IES (Indian Engineering Services) preparation is a daunting task for any engineering student!


Well, why not! The amount of consistent effort, dedication and hard work it requires, results in ultimate career success. In a national exam like GATE, IES where competition is cut-throat, to stay motivated throughout the year is a tough job in itself. Not only just dedication and hard work but putting your heart and soul into it will ensure your better future prospects.


Although it is very easy to say ‘stay focused,’ it is not that easy to stay motivated and focused for IES preparation.

We all our humans and we have a tendency to lose focus at some point in time. While this might seem preferable situation, you might regret later for not fighting till the end.


Hence,  it is a very common situation during preparation time that students encounter that they are not able to stay focused for a very long time.


Today, GATEGURUS is helping you out in providing some tips through which you can overcome these distractions too.



1. Make-Up your Mind


Before starting the preparation reconfirm by asking yourself if you really want to crack this exam! If there is even an inch of doubt then, we would recommend to instantly drop the idea because it is a long way ahead. In case, the answer is yes then, make up your mind for something grinning.

Make a list of all the reasons that would come in the way and would make you quit the preparation. Once you make it, paste it somewhere on the walls of your study room. So, no matter what, you’ll never lose the inspiration.



2. Realistic Approach


In the excitement of preparing extra, don’t fall into the trap of making unrealistic preparation plans e.g. studying 14 or 18 hours per day. Beginning with such unrealistic plans will evade your motivation in the starting only. Try to involve yourself with much more practical and logical approach. Let’s assume that you set 3 hours for initial preparations stage. Set it practically and stick to the plan to reap the most of it.


3. Motivation


Getting self motivated is not that hard but maintaining that rhythm is. So, time to time, try to watch motivational videos or toppers tips or read books. This way, even if you go off track then, you will feel motivated and bounce back with more energy. It depends, what motivates you so, find out things that piques your interest.




4. Reward Yourself


It definitely is going to be a long journey before the exam with a lot of ups and downs. There might be some days when you would feel more enthusiastic and on some days you would lack it.


And you know what they say- a little appreciation can work wonders. So, considering this scenario, there is nobody but who have the realization how hard you are working towards your better future with IES preparation.


So, reward yourself, treat yourself on your small achievements like completing a tough module of the syllabus. This way you stay right on track and motivated.



5. Do Not Stay Aloof


The most common mistake that the IES aspirants make is that they make themselves isolated, keep themselves in solitude for they think this way they will learn more. But, let’s burst your bubble, it is the most dangerous act to pursue. Human being is a social animal; isolating yourself in such extreme hard working conditions can put you in depression. So, don’t cut your ties with your friends, family and acquaintances. Meeting them can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated within, which might help you to focus more.




6. Get Involved in Discussions


Family and friends are fine for mood refreshment but you got to connect with people of similar interests or the fellow aspirants.

Trust us, sharing information through group discussions or casual discussions can lay a stronger base for your knowledge.


So, indulge yourself in such activities, other than studying which adds up to your knowledge database in brain. It is also a good way to clear out the confusion or doubts related to syllabus, be it small or big.


It is known that people learn new things when they socialize with other beings sharing similar grounds. Hence, it is also a good way to learn and get inspired by the other fellow mates. But, always be cautious in choosing the right people and group, especially the ones who take you closer to your dreams.



7. Minimize Distractions


Aspirants already struggle with concentrating on the studies! And, distractions like social media can doom all your preparations. A peek into Facebook or YouTube can take away 1-2 hrs from your precious preparation time. Wasting that much time on such unproductive activities not only distracts your mind from the exam.


We all are aware of the fact that social media is not only a distraction but can put pressure on the mind of the people normal who are seemingly busy with their normal, non-happening lives. These platforms can leave you with anxieties, self pity or wallowing.


If you are serious about your better future prospects then, steer clear of such platforms and stop yourself from getting indulge in these kind of demoralizing stuff.




In the preparation for such competitive exams coaching institutes can be very helpful.


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