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SSC JE is one of the achievable exams for engineering students.

SSC JE is one of the achievable exams for engineering students. Cracking this exam is not a cakewalk but if you prepare it with sheer dedication and proper planning you will definitely have ensured success.

Coaching institutes help you in many aspects related to SSC-JE exams such as speed accuracy, time management, easy way for learning important dates and days. But if your subjective knowledge is good then you should do self-practice with a different set of questions.


In this article, we have shared great formulas so that you can crack aptitude in SSC JEE in very 1st attempt. For cracking SSC Junior Engineering Exam you need to put a lot of hard work and dedication. And the key points given below will help you in your preparations as well as delivering the expected result.  

#1 Go through exam pattern and analyze important topics

For the preparations, firstly you should know the exam pattern, syllabus and then you should judge your present command over it.


The very first step which you should take is, know the exam syllabus and pattern and segregate the topics according to the difficulty level.


After that, you should analyze important topics and write down all your weak topics and strong topics.


This will help you in revising and understanding the main topics later.


#2 Develop a habit of reading


Read newspapers, current affair magazines, and general knowledge books to develop your reading habit. Stay updated with the latest socio-economic changes occurring in society. Daily going through with the latest news and the current affair will help you in your exam. You should not spend hours reading these journals just fix the time on a regular basis. Giving 10 minutes to daily highlights can help a lot.

#3 Clear basics

You should read the theory behind every concept this will clear your basic conception. Clear your doubts with friends and teachers, if you are facing any problem in understanding something, consider taking help and guidance of an expert teacher. Make sure that you do not keep any doubts or queries in your mind otherwise you would not be able to solve reasoning questions in the exam.

#4 Get the appropriate study material for your exam preparation

Go through the appropriate study material before starting preparations, get books as per the latest syllabus and online study notes are also available to help candidates with the exam preparations. Take reference from candidates who have previously attempted this exam or the one who are willing to appear for the coming exam


#5 Make notes

Try to make your own notes. A good set of notes makes study easier, it also helps in understanding and remembering all the concepts quickly at the time of revision. Notes provide a summary of relevant and important points and evoke your own thoughts and comments.

#6 Practice regularly


It is been rightly said that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. Same goes with SSC JE Exam preparation, if you will not practice regularly you won’t be able to make it up. Practice from previous year question papers, mock tests and as the exam’s code of conduct is changed to online, practice online test series to get familiar with the exam pattern.


#7 Time management and accuracy with speed


The most important thing which candidate should work on is optimizing their time in order to crack any competitive exam. You should also focus on time management. This applies not only to the time you take out for study but also the time you spend in completing the exam.

For time management you can start with coming up with different methods to solve paper faster so you won’t waste time during the exam and this will help you to solve all the question in the allotted time period.

You can consider joining a good coaching institute to learn all the tricks and strategies to solve your question paper effectively in the allotted time period.

#8 Follow GK pages on Instagram and Facebook.

We all are living in an era where social media is part of our daily routine. According to survey internet users are spending on an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes daily on social media spend. There is not only entertaining content, but educational content is also available. To make your learning interesting and easy, you should follow GK and current affairs pages on social media, this will keep you updated on the latest news related to your exam. There are some groups or pages which shares informational posts related to SSC JE exam.



As you know that now SSC JE exams are held online so you can practice online test series this will help you in judging your weaknesses which you can work on and improve.

You should note important questions, the repeated question from previous years question papers and try to solve them.

Use tricks for memorizing important formulas and important dates.


GO for group studies, it will provide you with variety and moral support, it also motivates to have people around you who are working towards the same goals.

Hope now you got plenty of tips and advice for preparing your SSC JE exam, just be dedicated and follow above instructions .

All the best!!