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Preparing for the ESE (Engineering Service Examination) includes real hard work, studying continuous for hours, revising, and practicing for better future prospects.

Preparing for the ESE (Engineering Service Examination) includes real hard work, studying continuous for hours, revising, and practicing for better future prospects.


Aspirants do a lot of self-study and take guidance from renowned coaching centers to crack the exam.


Well, indeed,  all of this is important because it’s a tough exam which can unlock pretty good jobs to secure your career.


So, here GATEGURUS is telling you to avoid 8 common mistakes that ESE aspirants often make.


But before we discuss these common mistakes, let’s have a brief idea about this exam and the prospects it beholds.


Engineering Services Examination ESE is the exam for recruiting engineers appointed as Class-1 officers who can work for the government of India . It is conducted by Union Public Services Commission (UPSC). Because of its high standard selection procedure, it is being considered as one of the toughest exams in India.


IES officers are able to administer activities and functions of a broad segment of the public sector economy, which constitutes of Power, Indian Railways, Central Engineering Service, roads, manufacturing, Central Water engineering, inspection, supply,  Defence service of Engineers, Telecommunications, etc.


Also, if you want to have detailed information about eligibility and exam pattern then, read more about ESE here


Besides other various mistakes that ESE aspirants make during their preparation,  we are mentioning the 8 major mistakes here. So, in this blog, we will focus on these common mistakes and will try to develop a sense of understanding of not committing these mistakes again.

Here’s the list:


1.Following the ESE Toppers Blindly:


We all know that every human on this earth has a different life path and success story. So, no two people can share the exact same way to success. Also, everyone has their own mental and physical limitations and capabilities. So, all those toppers or good scorers may motivate you but the frequency of efforts put-in will definitely be yours!


Keeping this fact in mind, if you tend to follow the tips and tricks given by the previous year’s toppers then, always remember not to follow them blindly. Try to manage a study plan according to your priorities.

2. Unaware of the Latest Syllabus:


Before starting the preparation, always make sure that there is no changes in the syllabus. So, how can you do that?


Well, it’s easy by visiting the official website of UPSC and looking out the latest updated syllabus. It is surely not a custom but ESE aspirants really need to take care of the updated syllabus so as to prepare their best. Once you become aware of the syllabus keep it handy and then prepare accordingly.


3. Choosing the Wrong Coaching Institute:


If you are planning to enroll yourself into a coaching institute. It is really important to check the background of that institute. This is because so that you don’t end up in the wrong place. Besides money and other resources, your time is really important.


So, check for the scholarship programmes of the institute. You can also make good use of internet resources like their website, Quora, google reviews, etc. to collect this information.

4. Not Focusing on GS  Paper:


Look closely at the exam pattern. Preliminary exam’s paper-I is General Studies (GS) and Engineering Aptitude is of 200 marks. If we look out for the previous marks trend then you should score 50% in every paper. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare yourself for GS.


Also, it might seem a bit more difficult than other subjects but it is as important as other subjects. Prepare for it in time, so that you won’t regret it later.

5. Improper Time Management:


Time is a real investment in this ESE exam preparation, so you can’t afford to waste even an inch of it. As mentioned above that knowing the syllabus is one thing but managing to study in time is more important. Devote time to major and minor topics accordingly, without having to skip it. You can follow previous year’s question paper pattern and assess your preparation and have a more logical approach towards your weak points.

6. Less Practice and Revision:


The most overheard phrase of all times: “Practice makes a man perfect!”


This phrase totally fits in here because ESE is a tough exam. The human brain is wired in such a way that, the more you teach it time and again, the better it gets. So, the more you prepare, practice, and revise, the better you will become.


As mentioned earlier, previous question papers are very helpful in this scene. Try to be your judge on the basis of those question papers. It will help you to get better at managing the time and knowing your preparation level.

You can also do this every time you are done revising the syllabus.

Strategize your preparation in a way that you don’t skip any detail.



As they say: “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”


So, never make this mistake!  The right moment is now, don’t leave it on the next day. Do motivate yourself that each moment counts and you cannot afford to waste even a minute. Procrastinating and leaving things on tomorrow can leave with regret as it may never come.

8. Motivating Friends and Good Health:


Undoubtedly, ESE exam is one of the toughest competitive exams for the engineers in India. And also, healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Hence, proper healthy food and drinks intake is a must. Not only this, avoid all types of unhealthy food so as to be in a good state of studying better.  Also, proper efforts and measures are required to crack this exam. It would be icing on the cake if you have friends or family who encourage or motivate you through the tough journey of this exam.



For the preparation for such important competition exams, coaching institutes can be very helpful. So, if you are a ESE aspirant residing in the vicinity of Chandigarh city then, GATEGURUS has a great reputation.


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