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Online Test series are the mock tests conducted by an institute depending on the syllabus of the exam.

Online Test series are the mock tests conducted by an institute depending on the syllabus of the exam. While some test series are created subject wise, some are full-length tests that cover the entire syllabus.

And, it is often heard from the national exam aspirants that they get confused about what should they keep in mind while enrolling for online/offline test series and what they must buy for the preparation. In case, you are a new aspirant of ESE 2020 and GATE 2020 and facing some problems in regard to coaching, online test series, etc then, this blog will sort all your problems and you won’t have to go and ask anybody as we will guide you through how to pick the best test series.

Here’s why we need a test series.

Online Test series is just the way to get familiar with the real exam pattern and to assess oneself how much you are prepared for the exam. It is important because this way you will know to step forward in the right direction.


Here are few ways how online test series help you prepare better for the ESE, GATE or IES.

1.Makes You Discipline

 Attempting the previous year’s offline question papers at home is one option but it is really important to evaluate yourself in terms of time and discipline through online tests. It gives you a virtual yet real experience of such big exams like ESE2020, GATE2020, etc. before the final exam.

Also, at home one can be reckless or procrastinate the flow of a practice that one religiously needs to follow. Time plays an important role in these exams. Hence, doing the right thing timely is the solution. Online tests make you disciplined and let you judge yourself for your own good.

2. Helps in Time Management

You might have heard that famous saying: “Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.” 

Well, time being an important factor here, you need to manage it in such a way that you are not wasting even an inch of it. That’s because you can’t afford that. So, in the case of national exams, the online test helps you in managing time. 

And don't worry if you fail at these exams, at least you would save yourself from failing at the real exam by practicing and preparing more.

3. Boosts Your Confidence 

With practice comes skills and with skills, there comes the confidence to win. So, the more online tests for GATE, ESE and IES you practice the more skilled you will become and the more confidence you will wear to clear the exam. 

Also, a calculator is not allowed in ESE 2020 exam so by practicing online tests more you are training yourself even more. 

4. Reduces the Chances of Mistakes

Even small mistakes at these national exams can let you face failure hence, the chances of mistakes are not affordable. You will have to train your brain so hard that the chances of calculation mistakes are reduced to zero. 

How would you do it?

By practicing online test series from any GATE coaching institute like GATE GURUS (Chandigarh).

5. Immediate Analysis of Your Preparation Status

Tests are the best criteria to analyze one’s preparation status. So, if you want to get a fair idea of what is the status of your preparation then there is no better idea than to having yourself conducted through online test series.

It provides the aspirant feedback of their weak and strong areas so that they can realize what areas need improvisation.

GATE GURUS has established its name as a pioneer in ESE/GATE coaching in the Chandigarh city. Every year hundreds of national exam aspirants register and make us proud. Since its establishment, GATE GURUS test series and courses have produced toppers in various branches. 


1.Format of the test series: The GATE 2020 and the ESE 2020 question papers have different types of questions like match the following, single choice, multiple choices; assertion and reasons, subjective questions for ESE 2020 mains and state level engineering exams.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the mock papers you are attempting should have a variety of each type so that you get a feel of the real exam.

Else, if the mock paper doesn’t follow the pattern of the real exam, it will just be the wastage of your time and money.

2. Provided Solutions:
 After you are done with the test series, the coaching institute provides solutions to its students to have a better understanding of the exam and keep in check the tendency to repeating the same mistakes. 

While some institutes provide only text solutions, some offer video lectures. Not only this but some coaching also provides discussion classes and understand if any question is left unattempted from the teachers. You can choose the mode of solution that suits you the most.

3. Exam Type:
 As mentioned earlier some coaching institutes have test series modules curated based on subjects whereas some have full-length tests and some have both. 

Therefore, it is necessary that you shall choose it as per your needs. We would suggest you buy if the tests that are based on both subject wise as well as full-length tests. This way you will be able to plan your preparation accordingly and manage both your time and questions with utmost efficiency.

4. Previous Year’s Toppers’ Feedback: Generally, each year, the topper during his/her interview after clearing the exam shares the test series he/she joined. Hence, a GATE/ESE aspirant should always read a lot of blogs and watch interview videos of the toppers explaining their success story. This will help you to have an idea of which institutes are the best and provide the best test series

5. Price:
Though, this factor is always secondary because if a good test series from good coaching is helping you to build a great career ahead then, even pricey services are totally worth it.

Yet, it really is an important factor! 

With that much huge competition in the test series in the market, every institute has a different range of test series, depending on the tests, subjects covered.

Institutes also have scholarship programs, thus it is important that before enrolling you should check upon and then choose wisely the scholarship programs, price of test series. 



For the preparation for the national exam like GATE/ESE, coaching institutes can be very helpful. So, if you are a GATE/ESE aspirant residing in the vicinity of Chandigarh city then, check out the official website of GATEGURUS.


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