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Let’s admit that who doesn’t want a decent paying job, good working environment, and job security!

Let’s admit that who doesn’t want a decent paying job, good working environment, and job security!


Life is just sorted that way..right?


People struggle all their lives to get a job of that kind. But, you know what they say- “ The 21st century is an era of rather smart working than hard working.”


So, if you have skills then you can surely make that happen.


Wondering how?


PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking) are hiring through GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), an entrance for the postgraduate courses in Engineering at the education brand “IITs” and also at other renowned universities.


Yes, you heard it right! Clearing GATE with good percentage is the doorway to the PSU jobs.


Over the past years, GATE has become a standardized recruitment benchmark for top government organizations. Top PSUs such as NTPC, BHEL, HPCL consider GATE as best criteria to recruit engineers.


Hence, over 58 PSUs hire engineers through GATE. Also, you will be surprised to know that even BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) seeks good scorer engineers through GATE.

So, if you are an engineering graduate then, you can go for it. And, here’s GATEGURUS (gate coaching in Chandigarh) mentioning 5 benefits of PSUs recruiting through GATE.


Read on to know it all!

1. Single Exam Advantage


GATE is definitely the exam to test aspirants on their respective interests, engineering discipline, analytical and decision-making skills. This initiative of PSUs of hiring through a single exam saves a lot of time and efforts. Thus, it is an advantage for both the PSUs and the candidates to get on-board with the big names in Indian government organizations. That too, by giving a single exam and not having to conduct different exams for separate organizations.

2. Hiring the “Best”


GATE qualifiers indeed have great talents. It is an advantage for PSUs that it get to sort and hire the best talents through GATE. The aspirants of GATE are visionaries and possess sharp analytical and decision-making skills. Such candidates are the stars of the engineering domain. So, PSUs recruiting through the national exam- GATE has the chance to build a team of highly skilled employees.



3. Dual Advantage for the Engineering Aspirants


Qualifying GATE is surely advantageous for the engineering candidates who desire to get PSUs jobs for engineers. Earlier, authentic exams were conducted separately to recruit the best for all the different governmental organizations.


But now, since, this exam has become the standard hiring criteria for most Indian government technical organizations so, the candidates just have to prepare for one exam.


It saves all the extra hassles, time, and effort needed for separate exams. So now, GATE has all their undivided attention for their brighter future. It is also a dual advantage for the engineering background candidates as they don’t have to look out for extra study material. If they could just focus on GATE then, their dream job at PSU is locked already.

4. Online Exam Credibility


GATE is conducted by renowned IITs, the unquestionable education brand in India. Also, this exam is a CBT (Computer-based Test) which implies that the exam is conducted with complete transparency.


Since, there are fewer or no chance of any adulteration in the results hence, the online exam credibility matters. And, yes there are no corrupted GATE results.

5. Job Security, Good Package and Other Benefits


Jobs at PSUs means that you have already stepped towards a secured future. A decent paycheck, medical facilities, and other enticing perks of working for the Indian government make jobs at PSU highly demanding.


This exam has now really become a deciding factor for their future. And, PSUs hiring has increased the number of GATE applications each year. If figures are to be believed then, 7.87 lacs people applied for GATE in 2018.


Tip for the GATE Aspirants:


PSU has been in demand since decades in India. And, the PSUs hiring through GATE has made it easier for both- the aspirants and the organizations. And, preparing for GATE has now opened so many career doorways for the Indian students.


Talking about the preparation part, the best approach of preparing for GATE is to follow the study curricular of Indian premier institutes. These institutes prepare the students by adopting major changes in the studying methodologies. These measures help students in getting aware of the preparation tips for GATE.


IITs & NITs have specific sections of the syllabus aimed to make the students all set for such exams. These institutes make sure that students studying there are prepared with extensive knowledge required to crack such competitive exams. Also, it is really important to know about the curriculum issued by the GATE and strictly follow that study routine.


For the preparation for such important competition exams, coaching institutes can be very helpful. So, if you are a GATE aspirant residing in the vicinity of Chandigarh city then, GATEGURUS has a great reputation.


This institute not only prepares you for the exams but focuses on:

  • Conceptual and target learning

  • Highly qualified personnel as Mentors

  • Online Test Series

  • Teaching along with regular tests

  • Affordable coaching for all


Still thinking?

Well, good opportunities don’t knock the door time and again! So, just stop thinking and start preparing for your bright future with GATEGURUS-the Best GATE Coaching in Chandigar.