How to Crack GATE Exam in the First Attempt - Complete GATE Preparation Guide

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Cracking gate in the first attempt itself is a desirable, and an absolutely achievable target. We bring to you a comprehensive guide on how to crack GATE in the first attempt.

How to crack GATE Exam in the first Attempt

Preparing for GATE is generally considered to be a long-term plan,


often marked by multiple failed attempts before the final successful one.


However, cracking gate in the first attempt itself is a desirable and an absolutely achievable target.


At GateGurus, we provide the best gate coaching in Chandigarh, and we bring to you a comprehensive guide,

with GATE tips on how to crack GATE in the first attempt.



1.Finding a ‘Why’


The best way of ensuring success at the GATE, and at any competitive exam for that matter, is to find a strong reason ‘why’, you want to crack the exam.


Your ‘why’ can be - getting admission to the dream college, the dream of a glittering career post GATE, motivation to lift your family out of poverty,

or simply a point that you want to prove to someone or a promise that needs to be kept - it can be just about anything!


Your ‘why’ will not let you stop or rest, and keep you motivated to succeed in the first attempt itself.



2.Understanding GATE


A major reason that many aspirants are not able to succeed at GATE in the first attempt is that they do not put enough effort to understand GATE in the first place.


In fact, most people have this realization only after messing up in their first attempt.


Imagine what you can do if you put a little time and effort, and acquire this understanding from the beginning itself.


Try to gauze the GATE exam pattern, GATE question pattern, GATE syllabus etc.


Going through the previous year papers of the last 10 years can be a good starting point for this.

3. Setting the Target


Having a targeted approach towards GATE can be a very good strategy rather than simply going with the flow to land wherever the tide takes you!


As you know, merely passing the GATE cutoff for PSU, not enough.


You need to secure a very good rank as well to get your dream job, or admission in the top tier colleges like the IITs.


Therefore, it is advisable that you have a target range of rank in your mind all through, so that you achieve the rank in GATE for PSU or post grad in the first attempt itself, and do not have to sit for the exam next year again.



4.Studying Hard



Once you have your ‘why’, you understand GATE, and also have a target in your mind, the next step, essentially is to put in the sheer amount of hard work.


You can not replace hard work anyways, and it bears fruits, invariably.


Make sure that you are consistent in your GATE preparation,


and put enough hours of study every day.


Practice is the key to securing a top rank in GATE. Make sure, you do as much of practice as possible.


The hard work put in by you in GATE preparation will surely go a long way in ensuring success in the first go.



5.Studying Smart


Hard work is irreplaceable, but smart work can enhance its benefits manifolds!

Devising a smart GATE preparation strategy can help you save a lot of time and effort, while also bearing great results for you.


You can take various steps towards studying smart.



These may include setting a GATE preparation time table and doing GATE exam previous papers.


Joining one of the top GATE coaching institutes can also help you prepare in a smart and efficient way for your first attempt at the GATE exam.

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