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While looking for best coaching center students do a lot of research and many questions arise in their mind.

Do you know every year 76.29% of GATE aspirants take admission in coaching centers to prepare for GATE?

The demand for GATE Coaching institutes is growing because of ever-increasing competition to crack GATE.

While looking for best coaching center students do a lot of research and many questions arise in their mind.


Also, there are many myths related to studying at coaching centers which a student should know about!

So, are you ready to bust all the myths about GATE preparation?


Myth #1 - Coaching centres cover different syllabus from college academic structure.

Many of you think that the syllabus covered in coaching centers is different from what you have study in your college.


But no! this is not true, actually the syllabus covered at a coaching institute is not at all different from what you have study at your college. In fact teachers at a coaching institute are subject matter experts and explain things in an detailed and organized manner.


This helps you to cover all your doubts or questions for a particular topic. The tricks and techniques which are covered at a coaching centre helps you to understand the concepts easily and thus helps you to solve GATE questions quickly and easily during your exam.

The GATE syllabus is more oriented towards aptitude side as GATE is designed to understand the aptitude level of students who want to pursue higher studies.

Myth #2 - Cracking GATE is like breaking an iceberg as it is an All India Level Test.

Most of you think that the GATE exam is going to be very tough and I will not be able to crack it. But in reality GATE questions are very conceptual. Once you have understood the concepts of each topic, you will be able to solve the questions in right time easily.


Teachers at a coaching institute are like your mentors. They continuously help you to become a better version of you.

Myth #3 - Maximum questions must be attempted so as to score high

Most of you try to attempt maximum number of questions in the exam, thinking this will help you to score high.


Even if you are not sure about your answer you try to attempt it. All of you know very well that this is not the right way because GATE questions have negative marking on wrong answers.


But many students still do this because they are not able to control their emotional balance during the exam.


Gate coaching at a institute also prepares you to stabilize your emotions while attempting the exam.

In 2018 GATE exam qualifying cut off for each stream was 25 marks(general category).


Fact #1 New learning styles and tips for getting a competitive advantage

Through coaching, you get a better way to learn and understand topics which you have found difficult before.

You will also learn great tips and techniques to crack your GATE exam with high score.

Teachers give mock tests, previous year question, and online tests to practice so that you can know the things in which you need to work on.

This also helps you to work on your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths which will ultimately increase your efficiency.


Fact #2. Studying at a coaching institute helps you to become consistent with your GATE Preparation

Even after trying so many times you cannot schedule time table for preparations or even if you had done this then you cannot implement on it. Time table at coaching centers is set in such a way that every topic or subject gets covered.


Moreover, coaching centres offer different types of courses according to your needs like Regular Classroom programs, Weekend classroom programs, and Online Test Series Program so that you can choose a course which meet your schedule.

Coaching institutes help you to schedule date and time for specific subject and topics.  This helps in building a disciplined daily routine for study.


For competing in GATE exam coaching will help you to learn better and score well in exams. Institutes provide extra help in understanding subjects and topics better so that there is no confusion and you learn things easily.

Sometimes those student who prefers self-study for preparations are unaware about the changes and new pattern which affects their GATE result.

Coaching centers update you about exam pattern and syllabus at regular intervals of time.