Myths that are stopping you from cracking GATE - Busted!

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Cracking GATE can be a difficult task when one is surrounded by too much of myths and misconceptions. Here we burst the key myths around the GATE exam.

Myths that are stopping you from cracking GATE-Busted

GATE is one of the most coveted postgraduate entrance examinations conducted in India.

Several lakhs of aspirants appear in the exam every year.


However, there is also a large number of students who are a way too apprehensive about their GATE prospects.

These students are bothered by a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding GATE, due to which hey either give up even before trying or are not able to give it there 100% due to fear of failure.


At GATEGURUS, we provide the best gate coaching in Chandigarh,


we consider it our responsibility to burst the myths surrounding the GATE paper, GATE exam syllabus and GATE exam preparation.





Here are some of the myths about GATE, which you need to stop listening to, to give your best shot to GATE preparation this year:



1.GATE is a tough nut to crack



The general perception that has been built around GATE over the years is that it is too tough a nut to be cracked by an average student.

Putting it loud and clear - this perception is absolutely wrong and misleading.


Every exam will be tough for a student who does not put enough efforts to crack it. With hard work, determination, focus, and the right guidance,


GATE is absolutely easy to crack for anyone.

2. The competition is a way too high




Lakhs of aspirants sit for GATE every year, fighting to get admission in the same limited number of seats in the top colleges of the country.


However, a large proportion of these candidates would qualify to be the ‘non-serious candidates’ any day!


The gist of the matter is that if you are serious enough, your competition is only with yourself.


3. The syllabus is too vast to be covered




It is a popular myth that one needs to be thorough with the entire graduation syllabus to be able to qualify GATE.


When one goes through the official GATE syllabus (available on GATE exam official website),


one would see that there are a number of topics/subjects that can be left. Further, if your aim is to only qualify the exam,


GATE study pattern is such that focussing on sections like engineering mathematics and general awareness can get you through.


4. One needs to study 18 hours a day!




The time that one thinks that needs to be devoted to GATE preparation is often the biggest obstacle and a demotivating factor.


Candidates, out of peer pressure and competition, think that they are not doing good enough and not devoting enough number of hours.


However, let us tell you that 8 hours of focussed study each day is enough to score superlatively well in GATE.


Anything beyond that is a plus, and everyone studies depending upon his/her capacity and preparation level.




5. You need to attempt all the questions




Candidates have a tendency to think that the greater the number of questions they would attempt in the paper,


The greater would be their chances of a high score.


This is a myth.


One needs to think strategically and focus more on accuracy to score high.


Candidates should identify their strengths and weaknesses, and try to incentivize the strengths.




6. Luck plays the most important role



Luck, no doubt has a role to play in determining the success of a candidate,


but this role is a very limited one and can be easily overpowered by sheer hard work and determination.  


If 1005 is what you need to achieve, 99 parts of it can be controlled by you with your acts, and it's just the 1 part that is determined by luck.


Therefore, the theory of luck is all overrated, and weighing too much over it will be an act of foolishness.


Cracking GATE can be a difficult task when one is surrounded by too much of myths and misconceptions.


Now that you know what lies beyond these myths, we hope that you can focus better on your preparation, come up with a formidable GATE study plan,

and qualify with flying colors.

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