Online vs Offline Exam Preparation - A Comparison

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While both online and offline coaching have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, what you opt for is totally dependent upon your own preferences.

Comparison of Online vs Offline Exam Preparation

Competitive exams today hold the key to a glittering career and a bright future. Weather it is about the admissions to the top colleges and universities,

Or it is about getting a job in the public sector,


The aspirants have to take one or the other competitive exam to get through.


This is the reason that millions of students sit in these exams every year, and as a result, the competitive exams, staying true to their name, are highly competitive!


To beat the competition of ‘competitive’ exams,


Students need proper guidance in the form of coaching and external help, along with the self-study.


Getting the right guidance is the first step toward success in competitive exams like the GATE examination.


However, it is also the truth that students often get struck in this first step itself.



Which coaching is the right coaching for me?


Is coaching required at all?


Will coaching help me improve my score?


Are the free online GATE test series good?


Which coaching institute is the best for different GATE exam subjects?


Shall I opt for offline coaching, or do a course online?


These are some of the questions that most of the aspirants of competitive exams face. Well, in this post, we are going to help you find answer to the last question - Shall I opt offline coaching, or do a course online?



Online Exam Preparation



The online mode of exam preparation if gaining widespread popularity in recent times.


A large number of online coaching portals, offering different kinds of coaching like gate online coaching, ies online coaching,

As well as exclusive test series like SSC-CGL OR SSC JE online test series have come up, and many students are preferring these options overtaking the regular coaching.


Benefits of Online Coaching


1. Online portals allow you to study at your own pace, without taking the load of the pace of the teacher or the fellow students.

2. Students can revisit the online content any number of times in the online learning system. This feature is very useful in understanding the difficult concepts, and at the time of revision.

3. Online Coaching saves a lot of time, which you would otherwise spend in commuting to and fro the coaching center. It helps a big deal in big cities with traffic issues.



Some of the drawbacks of online coaching include:


1. Lack of direct contact with the teachers and the peer group is a major drawback of the online coaching portals. Subconsciously, it degrades the learning experience for the students and they can do nothing about it.

2. Online Coaching offers a bottleneck situation when it comes to doubt clearing and personal guidance. Whenever a student is stuck in a concept or a question, the online portal offers very limited and inefficient options.

3. Further, online coaching lacks the pull of going to the coaching center daily and spending a fixed number of hours on a study. Online Coaching can be a terrible idea for you unless and until you are supremely motivated to sit and study on your own, without any pull or push.



Offline Exam Preparation (Coaching Centres)



Offline coaching through coaching centers has been the traditional mode of competitive exam preparation.

And needless to say, coaching institutes have been a boon for the aspirants.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the offline mode of coaching through coaching centers.



1. One of the greatest advantages of the traditional coaching centers is that they offer direct contact and communication with the teachers.

This way, the teacher can give individual attention to the students, and resolve their doubts and queries in the real time.



2. When you go to a coaching center, sit in a classroom and study with a set of students each day, you benefit in ways more than you could imagine!

You can learn from your peers, get the motivation and discuss the common interests.

Moreover, you get to experience the real competition in the classroom at the coaching center, and not on your laptop, sitting at your home.

3. Very importantly, coaching classes are real-time, customizable classes, unlike the online courses which are pre-recorded and generic.

The pace and content of each class are decided to depend upon the capabilities of the batch, and the relevance of the subject.

4. This is a big plus in favor of traditional offline coaching classes.


Traditional Coaching hardly has any drawbacks, except for the fact that you have to physically travel to the classroom, beating the traffic and the weather.


While both online and offline coaching has their own set of benefits and drawbacks, what you opt for is totally dependent upon your own preferences.

If you are still confused, keep your calm and join a coaching center like Gate Gurus Chandigarh, which offers the best quality GATE coaching in Chandigarh, and has been ranked amongst the top GATE coaching institutes ranking.

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