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Getting set for the ESE (Engineering Service Examination) includes real hard work, studying continuous for hours, revising, and practicing.

Getting set for the ESE (Engineering Service Examination) includes real hard work, studying continuous for hours, revising, and practicing.


Aspirants do a lot of self-study and take guidance from renowned coaching centers to crack the exam.


Well, why not, all of this is important because it’s a tough exam which can unlock pretty good jobs to secure your career.


So, here GATEGURUS is telling you some preparation tips for ESE 2020 prelims general studies and engineering aptitude.


But, before we discuss these points, let’s have a brief idea about this exam and its career prospects.


Engineering Services Examination ESE is the exam for recruiting engineers appointed as Class-1 officers who can work for the government of India.


It is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC). Because of its high standard selection procedure, it is being considered as one of the toughest exams in India.


ESE officers are able to administer activities and functions of a broad segment of the public sector economy, which constitutes of Power, Indian Railways, Central Engineering Service, roads, manufacturing, Central Water engineering, inspection, supply,  Defense Service of Engineers, Telecommunications, etc.


Also, if you want to have detailed information about eligibility and exam pattern then, read more about ESE here.



1)   Importance of Previous Years’ Papers


ESE question papers from the past year will help an ESE aspirant to get an idea about the kind and the standard of questions.


Solving those question paper with time constraint can let candidates know about their weaknesses and strengths. Also, you will get to know where you are making reckless mistakes, lack of question selection ability, lack of test-writing skills, inability to focus, nervousness, etc.


In short, solving previous years’ question papers will definitely boost your confidence. It also shows you the mirror to tell you where you are lacking.


It is a good way indeed to get yourself prepared for the real tough exam.


2)   Research and Gather Most Information


Be aware and gather as much information about the ESE exam pattern such as syllabi, question papers’ format for ESE Prelims as well as ESE Mains.


What kind of subjective/objective questions would be asked, a number of questions, how much weight age is devoted to each subject or topic, and how much time you should give to one question, etc.


This approach will make you more prepared for the ESE exam.


3)  Managing the Time in Hand


No kidding, but it is really important to draw a study plan for the time left for the exam and the topics or subjects needed to be covered. This will save you from pointless anxiety or stress with the exam over the head.


Preparing a timetable would not only help in covering the syllabus but also in sparing enough time for revision the ESE syllabus.


Also, try to give some extra time to the difficult subjects. Don’t forget to mark the subjects/topics done as you proceed.


Trust us, this way you will feel confident about your preparation because as much important the ESE preparation is, time management is important too.


4)  Do Not Underestimate the power of ‘Revision’


We can’t stress this fact much that preparing for the ESE prelim exam is one thing but saving spare time for revision is important too.


There is a limit to the human brain, you can learn as many things as you can but you will remember the things which you habituate/practice/revise.


An important tip here is to learn things with deep understanding. Revision helps you to imbibe what you have learned so far.


So, time to time revision is necessary for an exam as it helps you recall the studied topics, and self-assess your preparation status.


It also aids a student to test or analyze himself prior to sitting in the real exam. Also, it would keep your mind engaged and keep you focused all through.


5) Practice, Practice and Practice More


We know that ESE exam is a career deciding factor for you hence the importance is colossal. For this, only practice can save you. Try to create a healthy environment for studies at your home, and practice as much as you can in order to attain speed, accuracy, and perfection.


It will be good if you test yourself by practicing the online test series or previous years’ question papers with actual time constraints and no cheating or whatsoever.


This whole approach will help you get rid anxieties one tend to get before such a tough exam like ESE.


6)   Seek Expert’s Guidance


There is no harm in getting bits of advice from the experts, it will help you instead. Their preparation strategies or little tips and tricks might help you in saving your time to figure out on your own. Experience always counts and one should never underestimate that.


If you are preparing under the guidance of a coaching institute then, you can take help from the toppers of the institute and talk to them personally for clearing your doubts.



ESE is the exam for recruiting engineers appointed as Class-1 officers who can work for the government of India.

It is indeed one of the toughest exams in India.


So, for the preparation of such an important competition exam, coaching institutes can be very helpful.

In case, you are an ESE aspirant residing in the vicinity of Chandigarh city then, GATEGURUS has a great reputation with experienced and great teachers.