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As we know, GATE 2020 and ESE 2020 examinations are approaching, the aspiring students must have started working even harder for the exam.

As we know, GATE 2020 and ESE 2020 examinations are approaching, the aspiring students must have started working even harder for the exam.

While some students prefer self-study some prefer joining the regular or weekend classroom programs of the renowned coaching institutes in their vicinity so as to get the proper guidance.

Well, why not!

The coaching institutes like GateGurus not only guides the students but makes it easier for the aspirants to achieve their dreams by providing a competitive environment and study schedule coupled with expert counseling and guidance.

But, sitting in those long-run classrooms and consistently listening to the teachers might bore you.  Also, notes making can be strenuous.

So how can students deal with these long classroom programs with the assurance that no doubt or confusion is left?

There are ways to tackle it and therefore, through this article, we are focussing on the importance of asking queries in the long-run classrooms.

While asking queries in the classroom may be obvious for some students, some may feel shy about it. Well, feeling shy is not bad but it might hint a few things such as the student is not listening or not interested or he/she is not really sure about his analyzing power.

So, asking queries is not only eradicate the negative interpretation but also helps in understanding the syllabus better.

Here’s the explanation of why asking queries is important in the class:


1. Gives a Better Understanding of the Subject: The combination of tough concepts, confusing questions, and the right trick is the whole purpose of these national exams- GATE, ESE and these classroom programs.

Hence, if you are keenly interested in clear these exams with a good grade then, it is really important to be attentive in these classes, ask queries and make a note of it. Clearing your doubts at that very instance will help you a lot during revision and even in exams. 

2. Helps in Solving Questions in the Examination: Let’s admit that it is nearly impossible to remember everything that is covered in the syllabus.

But, it is for sure if you ask a query related to any topic in the class particularly then you will remember at least that topic. Therefore, asking queries is really important.

Also, remember to be more attentive and analytical about the topic and then ask any query; do not just bombard your teacher with queries.

3. Increase concentration: While it may be not that hard for some students to get through those long classroom programs, some students, especially just pass-outs find it really difficult to concentrate for long periods. So, if you even pay moderate attention and clear all your doubts at that very point then, it wouldn’t be hard for anybody to remember the basic concepts.

In case, you want to know the tips for coping with these long-run classrooms then, read here.

4. Develops Critical Thinking: As said by Albert Einstein ‘The Important Thing is to Never Stop Questioning.’ Even the greatest scientists understand the value of queries. And, it is also said: If it keeps you intrigued, it will keep you going.

So, one must remember that asking questions while studying will help you develop a critical thinking and this critical thinking will bring you one step closer to your dream in regard to GATE/ESE exam.

5. Improves Recalling Power: Researches have shown that while trying to remember something or paying extra attention to a concept then asking queries about will help you to retain the information. When one asks questions it also makes other students attentive and helps in knowing their opinion on the topic. Thus, asking questions helps in creating information that piques your interest and the retention percentage of that topic is also high.


Few Points to Keep in Mind Before You Inculcate the Habit of Questioning:

This is not always that the students who don’t ask questions in the classroom are shy, it is possible that they might think that if their question is not relevant then, they might sound stupid.

Well, it is necessary that despite all these doubts you ask your questions.

1. Doubts are Never Stupid: Yes, you are allowed to be silly when it comes to doubts. It is better to be clear rather than being in doubt. No matter what the question is and no matter how silly it is, always make sure to clear your doubts. A little rooted confusion can grow and can cost you during the exam.


2. Be a Little Bolder:  Don’t be afraid of sounding stupid or any less than others. Your success is in your hands and nobody is allowed to judge your level of intellect. The purpose of these classrooms is to learn as much as you can because you are heading on a tough journey of GATE/ESE exam. So, it is better to make mistakes or sound stupid during the preparation period than stuck in the examination hall.

3. Better now than never: There are times when we like to procrastinate and leave our questions it for later. Well, that later might never come back. So, it is advised that in spite of procrastinating questions to later, ask them right away in the classroom.

4. Take notes of your queries: Once your doubts are cleared, make sure to note it down, even if the explanation is small. This will really help you to retain the concept for a longer time and during revision these notes and in the examination hall, the answer will come handy.

Conclusion: Asking queries is a sign of having an interesting topic or communication. Our brain also learns faster and remember longer that way. Therefore, the above article gives you detailed benefits of asking queries in the long-run classrooms programs.
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